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Persian lime

Healthy fruit carefully harvested between May and July, with light or dark green external color (typical of the variety grown in tropical conditions) selected, washed, brushed, applying wax to the water and fungicides (Imazalil and Thiabendazole, according as established by European regulations).

– Healthy and suitable fruits for fresh consumption. – Gauges to be marketed: mixed (with dimensions of 43 mm to 56 mm) gauge Tolerance: 10%. – Minimum juice percent: 35% (taken with manual pressure). – Washed, brushed and waxed whose composition includes 18.0% w / w (oxidized polyethylene E-914, E-904 Shellac, which are food additives that are in correspondence with those authorized according to European regulations for surface treatment citrus) and ammonium hydroxide: 2.0% w/w. – Free live pests and diseases. – The fruits shall be free from damage caused by sun exposure and may show slight damage to the skin not exceeding 30% of the surface (while maintaining good look and no signs of deterioration). With slight defects of the skin that do not affect the commercial look of the fruit. – Fruit with light yellow hues are accepted, provided they are no signs of ripeness. Typical coloring for the variety.

Storage Conditions:

– Store between 9 ° C and 85 ± 0.5% to 92% relative humidity. – The goods will be stored in clean and dry places, free of substances and microorganisms that could affect their quality and they will meet the following parameters for local conservation. – Shelf life: up to 30 days from the date of harvest.

According to Cuban standards the following parameters will be met:

– NC:223:2011 Citrus Fruits Specifications. – NC:517:2007 Recommended International Code of Practice for Packaging and transportation. – NC: 38:03:06 :1987 System of health standards for food import and export.

Transportation and handling:

– The product is transported in clean cars not having sharp parts. Transportation will be avoided in the hours of greatest solar incidence. The provisions of the NC454: 2014 Food Transportation will be accomplished. General sanitary requirements the NC455: 2006 Food Handling. General sanitary requirements and NC: 77: 12: 1981 Fruits and Vegetables. – The vehicle used for transportation cannot contain traces of pesticides or toxic substances. – The boxes are handled with care, avoiding dragging and beating.