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Mixed Charcoal

The charcoal we offer is produced using both hardwood and semi-hardwood of high quality such as Marabou, Llana, Júcaro, Ácana, Caiguairán, Pataban, Bellows, Aroma, Eucalyptus, Pine, Casuarina and others.

The high degree of experience of our producers and employees, professionalism and commitment throughout the process, together with the species of wood used result in a product of the highest quality, which guarantees the satisfaction of the most demanding clients.

The calorific value (amount of energy) released by the charcoal carried out by an oxidation chemical reaction varies around 33,000 kilojoules per kilogram, exceeding the calorific value of the wood, which does not exceed 21 000 kilojoules per kilogram. These are the product features:

Arboreal species: Hardwood and semi-hardwood.
Caloricity: No less than 4500 Kca/Kg.
Fixed charcoal: 80-90%.
Ash: 2%. Time of incandescence: 4-5 hours.
Sound: Metallic.
Elaboration: Traditional ovens o metallic.
Maximum humidity allowed: 6%.
Abrasive: 68%.
Volatile: 5-10%.
Color: Uniform.