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Marabu Charcoal

Producto: Artesanal Charcoal.
Especie: Marabu.
Packing: PP Bags 20 kg.
The bags are sealed to prevent mobility and charcoal output, sewn with nylon cord or any other resistant fiber that is not vetoed by the phytosanitary authorities.
Embalaje: Container 40” HC with no less than 18.5 Ton Approx.
Quality Specifications:
Arboreal species: Hardwood, Marabu.
Elaboration: Traditional ovens.
Caloricity: 6500 Kca/Kg.
Maximum humidity allowed: 6,54
Fixed charcoal: 69,66%
Ash: 4,83 % máximo.
Volatile: 21,72 %
Dimension: Mixed shapes 50 mm between 250 mm.
Time of incandescence: 4/5 Horas.
Color: Darkblack.
Sound: Metallic.

Product specifications:

It does not spark or explodes neither, burning with smoke less flame.