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Honey Bee (polyfloral) of Cuba

Product Specifications: Reducing Sugars(%): No less than 65. Sucrose (%): No more than 5. Color(PFund scale): W (17 to 34 mm.), ELA (35 to 50 mm.), LA (51 to 85 mm.) Humidity : No more than 19%. Diastase Activity(Schade U.): No less than 10.
Hidroximethylfurfural HMF (mg./1000g.): No more than 20. Free Acidity (meq/1000g): No more than 40. Antibiotics and Pesticides residues: Not detectable

(Certificates of Tylosines, Streptomycines, Tetraciclines,Sulphonamides, Nitrofurans, Chloranphenicol, done by QSI International GmbH, Bremen Germany (Dr. Cord Lullmann), showing not detectable results will be given)