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Citric Charcoal

Arboreal species: Semi-Hardwood, Citricos, Lemon, Orange Trees .
Packaging: 20 Kg PP sack.
Specific size: 50 mm up to 150 mm.
Elaboration: Traditional ovens. Time of incandescence: 4-5 hours.
Caloricity: 6500 Kca/Kg.
Maximum humidity allowed: 7,03%.
Fixed charcoal: 65,12%.
Ash: 3,95%.
Volatile: 20,14%.
Dimension: Mixed shapes 50 mm between 150mm. Time of incandescence: 4-5 hours.
Color: Softblack.
Sound: Metallic.

Product specifications:

It does not spark or explodes neither, burning with smoke less flame.