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Cherry Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill)

Type: Mini pera (pear cherry). Link: Link. Product Especifications: Oblong fruit, about 30-40 mm long and 18-35 mm in diameter with thin smooth skin, intermediate wall with dense flesh, and with compact and mucilaginous seed cavity. Aroma: intense, characteristic of the variety. Taste: intense, sweet and slightly acid, with Brix values between 7-9 in ripe fruits.

The firmness of each fruit is checked, washing and drying. Also the fruit is selected according to color and size, resulting in qualities: Extra First

This product is backed by the International Standard ISO 9001/2008

It is known that the fruit is in the sweetest spot when it turns orange red, then bright red at maturity, which is acquired when it gets uniform color typical of the variety. The fruit is harvested by separating the fruit from the pant, preserving the plant peduncle to ± 3 cm and then is placed in plastic or cardboard boxes in order to be taken to the profit center.

Labeling: Labeling specifications labeling, presentation and marking of fruit and vegetables (RD 1334/1999, 907/2004 EC Regulations EC 1580/2007): product name, category, size, number of units / net weight, country of origin, packer identification (name, address, medical record), and / or labeling specifications required by the client (legend, language, batch number, barcode) N 108/2012.
Packing: Pallets of 90 boxes, unitized with straps and angle to ensure the strength of the pallet for terrestrial and air transportation, plastic pallets. The fruit is tored in clean and dry places, free of matter that may affect the product quality in compliance with the parameters for local conservation.
Transportation: In protected and clean vehicles. When handling, the product will be prevented from impacts that may cause deterioration or affectation. All the provisions of NC 454 and NC 455 will be accomplished.